About Pitch Club

Pitch club is a unique mentoring and funding program hosted across the state of Michigan in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. Pitch Club has ongoing monthly events that provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. The events are meant to educate, network, inspire and provide valuable experiences for being investable. During the event, experts will discuss the key personality traits and business acumen any entrepreneur should understand to be successful in any fundraising efforts.

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Meet Our Host

Michael Melfi

Who Should Attend

Anyone can attend a Pitch Club event, but not everyone can present their business plan! If you are startup wanting to present at Pitch Club you must complete an application form on Gust. If you are thinking about starting a business, but unsure how to to get started, this is a great event to connect with mentors and educate yourself on all aspects of starting a business. Not sure if your idea would be profitable or where/ how to seek funding? Pitch Club can help guide you, and more importantly, teach you how to BE INVESTABLE!

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February 27, 2019 @ SPARK in Ann Arbor, MI

March 27, 2019 @ Start Garden in Grand Rapids, MI


We are currently accepting applications.

APPLY with a convincing pitch deck for our next Pitch Club event.