Who Should Attend ?

Pitch Club MI: We Are Here To Develop Michigan’s Startup Ecosystem.

Anyone can attend a Pitch Club event, but not everyone can present their business plan! If you are a startup wanting to present at Pitch Club, you must complete an application form. If you are thinking about starting a business, but unsure how to about get started, this is a great event to connect with mentors and educate yourself on all aspects of starting a business. Not sure if your idea would be profitable or where/ how to seek funding? Pitch Club can help guide you, and more importantly, teach you how to BE INVESTABLE!

Pitch Club appeals to:
  • Investors and corporate executives looking to network, hire talent, get inspired or are involved in M & A and/or business development.
  • Accredited investors looking for investment or co-investment opportunities.
  • The entrepreneur, who just has a flash of a billion dollar idea-looking for an investment.
  • Startups & early stage companies developing a viable business model.
  • Social entrepreneurs looking to disrupt and change the future.